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Unlike what many people think – which is not possible when you have osteoporosis exercise – physical activity actually helps you build strong bones and prevent painful fractures that occur as a result of the disease that weakens and becomes more fragile . If you want to keep your bones healthy, get moving and thus diminish the risk of sudden and unexpected fractures. Osteoporosis mainly affects women after menopause , but can also affect men and started in youth. Its effects are not felt immediately, it acts silently and unless you do studies that detect newly become visible to a painful fracture, when it has been a long time weakening bones . Many people think that the best way to protect weak bones is precisely prevent movement.

On the contrary, exercise can be the key to strengthen them. Of course you must choose the type of exercise that is most convenient to combat osteoporosis. What might consider ? For example , you can choose resistance exercises that strengthen bones support , such as low impact aerobics , stretching and flexibility , and to help you maintain balance. Notes : Resistance exercises (or empowering ) are those in which the body must act against other forces , such as that exerted by water in aquatic exercises.

They are designed to strengthen the muscles and bones of the arms and the top of the column. Other cases are: use light weights or resistance bands . The carefully stretch the upper back and the muscles between the shoulders , for instance, helps improve posture and prevent you put too much stress on the bones. Bearing exercises , however, are those that are made up and the bones supporting the weight of the body ( no external force , as in the case of resistance ) . It is the case of low-impact aerobics , such as walking , dancing, climbing stairs or gardening practice .

They are designed to strengthen the legs , hips and lower spine . Flexibility exercises or stretching , meanwhile , help keep joints flexible and , thus , improve posture and prevent injuries . When joints are hard and inflexible , abdominal and chest muscles pull you forward , giving a stooped posture . These exercises should be done when the muscles are warm, after doing another workout, and you must do it carefully and slowly. Finally , the exercises that help you maintain balance and prevent muscle tears are important to prevent falls.

Keeping first on one foot and then another is a simple example that you can already implement. If you have osteoporosis you should avoid certain exercises : the high impact , such as jumping , running or jogging (which can cause fractures, it increases the compression on the back and extremities ), and those of bending and torsion , as do squats , machine rowing or bend forward to touch your toes (these movements increase the pressure on the spine and increase the risk of fractures ) . And of course, before starting any new workout or if you just diagnosed with osteoporosis, do not stop checking first with your doctor about what kind of exercises are the most convenient for you. Possibly you do some studies to measure the density of your bones and your physical condition in general , to recommend according to your particular condition. Doctors recommend , your body needs , but exercise always left behind in your list of activities.

The problem could be solved if you decide to take the first step …and start walking ! Walking is the ideal exercise for their flexibility : you can go everywhere , it’s easy andit’s free! Despite this , there are not many who are willing to commit to regular walking . According to the Department of Health and Human Services United States , less than 10 % of the U.S. population exercises three or four times a week . If you want to get out of that group , consider all the benefits it can provide walking 30 minutes three to four times a week … Strengthens your heart Help to keep fit ( burning calories) Decreases your risk of developing atherosclerosis Gives you more energy Reduces the risk of stroke Decrease your levels of anxiety and stress.

It might help prevent osteoporosis Decreases your risk of developing type 2 diabetes Helps you sleep better Strengthen your muscles, joints , ligaments and bones Decreases your risk of peripheral arterial disease, which is one of the most common causes of leg pain that increases with age It puts you in touch with nature , helps you breathe fresh air and strengthens your breathing Improve your sex life. This is indicated by a study of women between 45 and 55 years old, which found that those who exercised , including brisk walking, reported having more sexual desire and satisfaction. Considering all the benefits of walking ,sure you are motivated to start ! But how can you do to make your walks are really effective ? According to the Weight Control Information Network , keep the following in mind : Walk with your chin up and shoulders back slightly .

Let the heel of the foot touches the floor first , then let your weight follow the movement forward. Walk with the toes pointing forward . Move your arms naturally while walking. Moreover, to keep your hiking safely , try to choose a place where there is no traffic or , like a park near your home, or where there is little traffic. Also, consider that it’s more fun (and safe) if you do it with a friend or family member.

Of course if you have a partner, you can start your hiking alone ( a) . ( If you have a medical problem and you have not been exercising , talk to your doctor before starting your hike ) . To walk you need clothing that keeps you dry and comfortable , as fabrics that absorb sweat . It also invests in running shoes that have proper arch support , a firm heel and thick but flexible soles. Before you buy new shoes, walking with them in the store to verify that you are comfortable .

When walking, start slowly . That is, less time to see more . Start with walking for ten to fifteen minutes and when you feel comfortable , increase the first time and the speed and distance later. It is also important to exercise calisthenics ( warming) and stretch before and after walking . This prevents injuriesand helps you feel better!

Do not wait any longer and go for a ride . See for yourself (or ) how fun and beneficial it is to walk.

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